About Bountiful Blessings Church

Winning souls and leading people to Christ is an important issues in these days and times. Our Pastor and congregation are on a Godly mission to reach the lost at any cost. We endeavor to draw all men, women, boys, and girls of all nationalities into the Kingdom of God through teaching and preaching the word of God. As disciples of God we are commissioned to HEAL the sick, DELIVER the bound and suppressed, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisons and shut-ins and minister to one's entire person so they will be SET FREE.

Our Pastor, Elder Thomas J. Lee knew before the tender age of nine he had been called by God to teach, preach, and spread God's Word. Pastor Lee started on his assigned mission by teaching and preaching on a vacant lot below his home to the neighborhood children and to whoever would stop to listen. As friends and family came to visit his Grandmother, they would stop and listen to his sermon; this led Pastor Lee to organize a teen Bible Study in his home on Saturdays, which drew a large turn out of teenagers from his school and neighborhood. The large turnout prompted Deacon Thomas L. Lee, Sr. and Mrs. Janie Lee, Pastor Lee's father and mother, to find a building for him to carry on his ministry.

At the of fifteen, Pastor Lee formed Bountiful Blessings Church in July 2000. Pastor Lee chose the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ Worldwide Organization as his Covering. The church was started in a small warehouse building on Washington Road Located in Spartanburg, SC. Pastor Lee's father spent many nights and week-ends after a long day's work cleaning and renovating the building. In April 2003 we were blessed to find a Church building located on Charlevoix Street in Spartanburg. The lease included an option to buy after two years. While preparing to purchase, on September 12, 2005 the entire ceiling collapsed. This occurred on a Monday, so thank God no one was in the building. The damages amounted to almost ten thousand ($10,000) and the owner could not afford to make the repairs. Pastor Lee had to move his loyal congregation once again.

On September 25, 2005 Bountiful Blessings was thrusted to the next level by moving to our NEW 10,000 sq.ft location at 110 Peake Road located in Roebuck, SC. At this new level we have seen greatness and an excellent manifestation of the Spirit of God, but we realize that the best is still yet to come!

"The Church of The Free"